mercredi, septembre 10, 2008

playing tourist!

Whew! Busy Busy and no time to blog! ;-)

On Saturday I hopped on a train to Paris where I met up with my dad and my step-mom who were in town for the weekend before they head off to Zurich on a business trip. Mystery Guest joined us Saturday night after work and the 4 of us spent a great weekend in Paris. Luckly the weather cooperated with us and we even got to go on ze fly boats!

Monday we had to take the train home, and it was the same day that Miss Cassandra flew in from the States to come visit before Fullbrighting it in England! We (barely) managed to meet in the station 5 minutes before the train pulled out and headed off to Normandy.

Yesterday it rained (surprise surprise) but today the weather is supposed to be nice so we're going to leave soon and visit the port town of Saint Vaast la Houge (keep your fingers crossed for us!)

More updates and pictures to come soon ;-)

4 commentaires:

Ksam a dit…

I'm still bummed I wasn't in Paris while you were there - hopefully we can meet up soon!! Did you get a chance to see any other bloggers at all?

Milk Jam a dit…

I know!!! Plus the hotel was right near chez toi!!
None of the other bloggers wanted to hang out with me :-( sniff sniff, they're big meanies.

No, but the three of us hung out all day and then I found a friend who would be my hot date Saturday night while my dad/step mom were at a friend's house for dinner.

otherwise the rest of the weekend was 100% family time so I wouldn't have been able to get away... I really wanted to stop by Aimee's but it was geographically far away..

You're more than welcome to come out here anytime! (although it would be more fun once I got my license and had the car ;-) )

Ksam a dit…

What hotel was it? Was it nice? Maybe it will come in handy when my co-worker comes over in August...

And don't worry, I'm still planning on coming to visit you some time in the near future!!

Milk Jam a dit…

The hotel was really nice (Dacia Luxembourg Hotel) and a bit pricey but they run online deals from time to time. The location can't be beat though!!