jeudi, septembre 11, 2008


Agah! Job crisis!
This is SOOOO complicated and I don't know what to do... let me explain:

I have a job at a private school, they finally just gave me my contract. There are, however, some problems. One is that I'll be paid less per hour than expected (around 15e/h before taxes instead of 20) because I'll get the remainder at the end of my contract. I also get paid for the hours I actually work each month (instead of adding them up and dividing them out per month...) So September I'm only working 2 hours a week (you do the math!)

The advantages are:

1. But having a job (like this one) allows me to do some extra hours at the university for 45e/h (but just found out today that I'll get all of those hours in a lump sum at the end of my contract, maaaaybe at the end of each semester if I'm lucky.) It also allows me to do some side jobs at the university (notably scripting BBC broadcasts that I've been doing for the past 2 years and working during the April break for cha-ching!)

2. The private school basically said I could have a full time job if things go well this year (a full time job - CDI - would allow me to wrap up my application for citizenship and allow me to apply for a loan at the bank for a car/house)

3. The school is really nice, good atmosphere among the admin staff and the students.

The disadvantages are:

1. I'll be making peanuts all year long, ie not enough to pay rent or my train ticket from V-town to Caen, but I have enough savings to be ok.

2. It's far away and to feel like you're loosing money by commuting seems silly. I could be working chez McDo and making more...

I'm just not sure what to do, I mean knowing I'll get money at the end of the year is good, but I feel like I'm making a career move backwards even if maybe its a yearlong sacrifice for a better situation in the future.

What should I do? I just thought of maybe backing out, hoping for a recrutee locale job in this area (I'm sure there must be some) as an assistant and make about 750e a month after taxes and then still be able to do my Uni job - but I wouldn't find out until mid-October! This could be good because I just read on the assistant's forum that if you've worked (and are still working) for the Education Nationale for 3 years you can pass the CAPES interne which is easier than the normal one (the competative exam to become a full time teacher) but you can't legally take the job if you aren't an EU citizen...

Gah, I just don't know what to do!!! I thought that now that I have my full carte de sejour with all the rights (through the PACS) it would simplify the job situation, but its all so complicated!!

I have until the end of September to back out of this job if I want to... but do I want to be unemployed? I guess I could get chomage...

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Leah a dit…

Ok, I don't understand all of the job the money at the end and the hour business. But, I wanted to say I would double check about taking the interne exam after having worked as an assistant. It could very well be the case that's true. But, they might require full time teaching and I understood it more as at the end of 3 years you HAVE to take the exam to be able to continue working(but, maybe that was just private schools.) I dunno...I think having the right to work can make things easier, but it still seems like it's a struggle to find jobs for foreigners who don't have the right degrees. The fact that it's pretty sure that you'll get a CDI, that's a huge plus. I know someone here who upon getting a CDI after only 3 yrs of living here, got a 5 yr card. So, that could maybe help you with citizenship stuff. You can always work at the Uni, do stuff during vacas and even tutor to supplement income if it's going to be tough until the end of the year. GL, I hope some of that is helpful!

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I have a question since you have your CDS and you are allowed to work legally... Can you find out where you need to go/talk to about getting your habilitation? That's what I did in order to work in the public local schools... I passed the interview and got an attestation to be able to teach Eng. in the local schools as an "English Teacher" not an assistant... They pay wasn't super great but you can work up to 18 hours per week- I think it's about 850 euros- not very much, I know.. but if it's closer, it may be a better option.. Although, I don't know the schools where you are so I don't know if it's preferable to work in a private vs. public school...
I don't like the commuting thing- and personally, wouldn't take a job if the commuting was a big part of it.. All my teaching lessons are pretty central to where I live- I do commute, but it's close enough with the RER... I gave up a job teaching in a school because of the commute... And, in the winter months when it's cold-- who wants to commute?! Maybe that's just me, though..
Good luck and keep us posted..
Check with Jennie on IE Languages- She knows a lot about this subject..
Ciao ,

Milk Jam a dit…

thanks ladies!
i think what it all boils down to is if they're gonna give me a CDI next year, I'm going to email the directrice today and ask if we can meet on Thursday before class to talk about it. If that isn't the case I'll find something closer to home!!
i'll keep you udpated, thanks again!