dimanche, décembre 23, 2007


The sun came out yesterday morning so we all went out to see the sights of Melbourne. We caught the free tourist bus (hop on/hop off system - its really fantastic!) and got off and Queen Victoria Market. There were so many things to see! We walked around and got a feel for things and prices and then decided to take a lunch break.
We headed over to Chinatown and had a fantastic chinese lunch, sweet & sour chicken, peking duck, honey prawns etc... yum!! I love the diversity of Melbourne. There are so many people from around the world and they brought all their yummy food with them ;-)
Afterwards we went back to the market for some serious shopping!

In the end the leather jacket dude really sold my sister and I on some beautiful jackets. I got a deep red one and my sister chose a brown one. Mom and Kaci also jumped at some super soft merino sweaters that they had been eyeing.
It was a very successful day but now my wallet is officially closed! :-)

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Anonyme a dit…

great photos. Love the jackets, especcially the red one, it's a wonderful colour. Enjoy the sun!