samedi, décembre 15, 2007

an early xmas

Mystery Guest and his family are too cool :-) This weekend they put together an early Christmas dinner so we could celebrate before I fly off to Australia on Wednesday. Talk about a dramatic change in Christmas atmosphere, from a French cold Christmas (temps this week reach a high of 3C!) to an Aussie Christmas with my American family on the beach (my sister said its between 25-30C down under!).
Getting back to this weekend, we had a great dinner on Saturday night, opening too many presents and having yummy food. Plus I made a killing, I got a great office chair from Mystery Guest, one I had been dying to have for ages! And a coffee maker from his parents, score!

Mystery Guest's birthday is the 23rd of December so we made sure to celebrate his birthday early too.

I love how he had just gotten off work and never changed out of his Darty shirt hehe :-)

Here is a picture of the wine decanter I gave to his parents, engraved with grape leaves and their last name. It looked great the next day filled with wine, really made the engraving stand out!

Here is Mystery Guest with thanking Kaci and my mom for the surprise gift they sent from the States, a Budda Board :-) It was a great Christmas and I'm one lucky girl - I get to celebrate twice!

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Mr Mystery Guest a dit…

fun times !