samedi, décembre 22, 2007


It is so hard to get adjusted to a new time zone and this one is especially hard! Yesterday we compared how far we flew to get down here to Oz...
As the crow flies Mom and Kaci flew 8,000 miles and I beat that with 10,500 miles! That's insane!
No wonder I'm having a hard time. Last night I went to bed around midnight thinking if I'm good and tired I'll sleep late... haha! Nope! Woke up at 5am :-( Luckly my sister has her computer in the living room where I took over the couch so I can quietly keep myself entertained.
But its so hard in the afternoons when I just want to crash and my brain feels like mush ;-) But hopefully I'll get over that in the next few days.
The weather here has been icky so far, there was a big storm that moved through and it poured all day yesterday, it's supposed to get nicer and nicer as the week goes on though. Christmas on the beach? Sounds great to me!
It is great to be here and relax with my family, I'm getting really excited about our drive along the coast. We're leaving Melbourne on the 27th to drive the Great Ocean Road! The view sounds unbelievable!

Happy Birthday Mr. Mystery Guest!!! It's already your birthday here in Australia!!!

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