vendredi, décembre 21, 2007

safe and sound

Well after almost 40 hours door to door I finally arrived in Melbourne Friday afternoon (local time, 10 hours ahead of France and god knows how many ahead of Seattle!). Mom came to pick me up from the airport, I was shocked to see her as I got out of the gate, I thought it would be like the US where you meet in baggage claim.
The trip went as well as can be expected, no major delays or anything. I flew 11 hours from Paris to Seoul and then had a few hours to wait. It was crazy to see KFC and Starbucks over there! Then I got another 10 hour flight to Sydney. On both legs it was with Korean Air which I really like now, very good service and 2 servings of bibimbap haha. Then once in Sydney I arrived with no problem and caught a 1 hour flight down to Melbourne.
I never thought Australia would be such a culture shock! I feel like I'm in California on another planet! Its really fun and of course the people are so nice. Never met mean Aussies before. Everyone is so helpful and laid back which is great. I arrived at customs in Sydney and the guy was like, oh you're going to Melbourne, are you leaving right away? So I said yes my flight is at 9:30, do you think I can make it? Oh yeah, no worries, you've got loads of time! Don't stress! haha. He was right.
So now I'm here and yesterday it was around 27C with thunderstorms in the afternoon. Wandering around Safeway (yes, Safeway) in the muggy heat felt like vacation. Hearing Christmas music pipped through the stores just felt odd! Never had a summertime Christmas before!
Its nice staying at my sisters house for the next few days, no hurries and just time to relax. Good thing she's got internet cause I woke up at 7am, not bad actually. I had woken up at 3 totally wide awake but somehow managed to fall back asleep.
I think its time for breakfast now that I'm done rambling, hopefully more posts and pictures to come!

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Anonyme a dit…

awwww i'm so jealous. It's my first white Christmas so it feels awfully weird for me! Enjoy the weather and the friendly folk! Go grab a latte on Brunswick Street!