mardi, décembre 04, 2007


Yesterday for the second Monday in a row the secretaries at work messed up and scheduled another class in my classroom at the same time...
So when I saw my students waiting outside again I popped my head in the door and said to the Prof:
"Hi, excuse me, I have class in here."
To which he replied, "yes, of course, take a seat."
It was all I could do to hold back my giggle, "no, no, I'm the one teaching class here today, my class starts right now."
He turned bright red and said that he would finish up soon so I could have the room.
I mean I know I don't dress to the nines to teach, nor am I in my 40's or 50's but come on, I had a huge handful of whiteboard markers and my keys... usually that's a dead give away!

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Backinthegroove a dit…

lol, I remember as an assistant I used to walk in to my classroom to find 40 strange faces sitting in there! Then the vice-principal would come in and yell at them for interrupting me...strange