mardi, décembre 25, 2007

Christmas down under

So far it has been a great Christmas! Yesterday (Christmas Eve) we had a sushi lunch and then went out to the Botanical Gardens in Melbourne and the sun came out and we had a wonderful walk around taking a million pictures of flowers, cacti and palm trees. Then we took a little rest before heading over to Saint Paul's church next to my sister's house. They had a Christmas Eve service, readings and carols. It was very traditional and long but a nice Christmasy thing to do.

Today we woke up on the early side and made a few phone calls in two different time zones around the world (Merry Christmas Mr. Mystery Guest and Dad!) before heading over to meet Mom and Kaci. That is where things kicked into high gear with homemade waffles topped with strawberries and papaya! The sun came out and we wandered down to the beach to take some Christmas pictures on the beach.
We got back and crashed for a while before a "traditional" Aussie Christmas BBQ... I can tell you I was happy with my delicious homemade hamburger for dinner! Yum yum! I also made some oven roasted sweet potato fries which were pretty delish too.
Here is Chef Mom in all her hamburger glory :-)
And the grub...
Merry Christmas!

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Mr Mystery Guest a dit…

Great scott ! That's one big Burger you got there !