samedi, juillet 21, 2007

Harry Potter!

Well the little stork delivered a very precious bundle! Sometime this morning Harry Potter arrived chez moi :-)

3 hours later I'm about half-way through already, and torn between wanting desparatly to know the end and wanting to savor it a bit longer..

So people don't tell me ANYTHING! I will be avoiding internet as much as possible until I finish :-) hehehe - should be soon!

5 commentaires:

Emily a dit…

I finished it! what do you think???

Emily a dit…

I was so excited to see it in my mailbox too! I won't be reading blogs for least until I'm finished. Enjoy!

benny a dit…

same here...

Karina a dit…

whoooo all done! finished this afternoon, it was such a hard situation, wanting to know the end yet not wanting it to end!
but good stuff :-) won't say anything until you are all finished! :-)

benny a dit…

finished it yesterday night - took my time as i knew the end (yeah it was all over the papers here, even if you tried not to look, your eyes were picking up what was written), so was savouring it !!!
To be fair, i'm a bit disappointed - was expecting too much...:-(
But it's still a really good book !