vendredi, juillet 20, 2007

bday present

A friend of mine celebrated her birthday this week, the actual day being Monday but the party last night. So I was busy making a little birthday present for her. I decided to take a champagne flute and engrave it, so I chose a little flower motif for the glass and then around the base I wrote "Joyeux Anniversaire 2007 Aurore" to make sure it was personalized :-)

I'm glad I remembered to take pictures, I always make people presents and then forget to take pictures! Plus its really hard to take pictures of engraved glass, trying to get the details etc...

Otherwise not much new the past few days, trying to motivate myself to get work done on my thesis... I did catch a movie yesterday, 2 Days in Paris. I really liked the beginning, I thought it was hilarious but the end, as Sam said, was a bit darker and I enjoyed it less.. I would still say its worth seeing though!

Ok going to stop messing around with blogs and Facebook and get to work!! :-)

5 commentaires:

Samantha a dit…

Isn't it a lot different than the trailer makes it out to be?

And those flutes are so cool - that's exactly the kind of thing I was looking for as a present for my cousin's wedding!!

Karina a dit…

Yeah for sure, I did think the beginning was hilarious though! I think there were other anglos in the theater though because our laughs weren't the only ones at random times ;-)

Thanks! i wanted to make 2 but ran out of time... so I actually just made 1, it takes so long to engrave them! I've got some friends getting married the beginning of August, might make some more ;-)

Leah a dit…

Wow, that champagne flute is super pretty! Awesome job!

The Late Bloomer a dit…

Wow, how do you do that engraving yourself? That's such a great gift idea!

I liked 2 Days in Paris overall, but thought it was a bit off at times, I don't know why. But it was definitely entertaining.

Karina a dit…

Thanks! I did it with a glass engraver similar to this one: which i bought at an art store here in town (for much more than the price on that website!) but it has paid for itself over and over! Plus I have a good time picking out different designs and objects to engrave, you just need a very steady hand :-)