jeudi, juillet 05, 2007

4th of July!

Last night we had an awesome 4th of July BBQ!!

With our excellent Grill-Man, Oscar manning our impromptu BBQ and a huge spread of food (potato salad, pasta salad, corn on the cob, baked beans, watermelon, hot dogs, hamburgers, chips/salsa/guac, veggie & dip etc...)

Dig in people!
We were all suprised that we had leftover food because of all the people that turned up but it was a great party! And to top it all off we had some amazing brownies (provided by the fabulous Anne-Celine) as well as cookies and apple crisp! Yum yum!

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Leah a dit…

Yumm-4th of July foooood! Question, what is that BBQ contraption I see in the 1st pic? My friends and I had a BBQ a few weeks ago in my apt, and by in my apt, I really mean INSIDE the apt. Kinda scary. We bought these "kits barbecue" which I think are meant for people going camping.

All it is is an aluminum container with charcoal inside, wire on top and it sits on a stand. You light the charcoal and the thing blazes like no demain and you are scared for your life, then it eventually calms down and you can put the food on it. Well, it was good and all, but our apt maybe still smells a little like BBQ even though we had doors and windows open. So, hence why I am wondering about the BBQ contraption you guys had. I mean 3,50 for the kits is a steal, but I'd rather not burn our table next time(oops)!