lundi, janvier 30, 2006


When I was young I remember the big difference between mom's house and dad's. At mom's, you'd take the remote, press on and bingo!

At dad's you practically needed a manual in order to turn on the tv, something else for the cable, and if you wanted to watch a movie - brain surgery!

I'm sad to say that it seems as though my tv unit now is moving in the direction of dad's. When I was in college I had a TV/VCR combo, DVDs were just starting and there were no wires to connect, just a pair of bunny ears atop the tv that needed adjusting every once in a while. And if something didn't work, there was the traditional means of fixing it, just hit it and it will start working again.

But now, this has to be on in order for that to work. This other thingy has to be unplugged for that other thingy to work and so on... I've got it mostly figured out.... ;)

but it frightens me - what am I turning into??? In the words of Richard Simmons: Stop the madness!

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