mercredi, janvier 25, 2006

how do i take it?

So I just got out of my translation class. The one where the prof scares the beejeezers out of me... its English to French. Not my forte.

Yes, I've lived here for 3 years now but I havn't written in French since I got my B.A. in 2003 so I have a lot of relearning as far as grammar and stuff goes. Plus all those words I've learned in the last 3 years? Yeah, NO idea how to spell them!

So today she calls on me. First time I've offered my translation. Did 3 sentences (which is a lot!) then she says:
"What is your mother tongue?"
- "English"
"Oh really? Thats suprising"

Uh... surprising how? Surprising good? Surprising bad?

This lady has no facial expressions, she's one tough cookie so to speak. Not that I'm caught up in what she thinks of me or my work but still it was so neutral... could have gone either way.

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Deb a dit…

Translating English to French, very impressive!

Do you have any learning techniques for a fellow American who is desperate to learn French but not sure how to go about doing it?

I have been living in France for just over a year with my French husband.

I have tried different methods for learning French, but nothing seems to stick.

PutYourFlareOn a dit…

Ok, I am thinking about going back to school to get my masters and THIS is what I am scared of. Scared isn't quite the right word but I think you know what I mean. I, too, am weary to translate from English to French but I can do it. I find that it's hard to please a teacher that already has their mind set on the way text should be translated. I guess I'll just have to suck it up and deal with it. The comment about your mother toungue, wow I would have thrown a piece of chalk in her eye. :)

Karina a dit…

d- i don't know what to tell you other than you just need to work at it. there is no magic trick, i've been learning french since i was 13 and i'm far from perfect.
flare- translation is not easy, each prof has different ideas of how to translate, you just need to adapt. as much as i complain about transating i do enjoy it. its like brain gymnastics! :) my prof for "theme" (french to english) is awesome, he's amazing and a good prof, he communicates well.
you'll just have to see :) good luck!

we_love_tea a dit…

Now I know why you wanted to know how to spell neutral...*wink*

That sounds so hard, but I love translation! At the moment, I'm translating our Children's Trial Lesson Evaluation sheet into English for the sake of fellow foreign teachers who don't speak Japanese. However, I cannot imagine having to tranlate it into the opposite direction, trying to write in polite Japanese, too, so I feel your pain!

kim a dit…

I have the chance to have a great teacher for version. Def. one of my fave teachers at the uni, he jokes, etc., does a lot of random vocab, etc., and encourages me despite my grammar errors to keep at it. I really feel very lucky, as I'm sure not all teachers can be this great.

My version final for first semester though was a bit rough. There were a couple words that translated almost directly (incongruous to incongru, for example, which of course I didn't know was a word) that I missed because I didn't realize their existence in french. That and a "church spire" which I had to admit I wasn't even certain about in english, so for finding the french equivalent, geez! (Turns out it is the "flèche"... how obvious! ;) heh)

Karina a dit…

-welovetea genki?? yea!!! you commented on my blog whoooo :) come back for more, don't forget about me! ;) hehe ja-ne

-kim how's le havre treating you? i tried to check your site but its not working... if you ever make it down here let me know!
isn't it funny how its the amazingly simple words that you can't find? its a smack your forehead *duh* moment... :)