lundi, janvier 09, 2006

back in the real world

Yup after a brief hiatus I'm back in the swing of things! Get your groove thaaang on baby cause we are alive and kickin'! We gots me some super-duper fast internet, xtra-fabulous tv channels and - drumroll please - FREE international calls!

Can life get any better?

Can it? huh? I doubt it!

Yeah baby, we're a dancin' and a groovin' over here in Caen and luuuuvin' every minute of it ;)

So brief little funny (well I think funny) story from today...

Went to work at the lycee today and met a new group of kids (they were on a stage - work experience, training thingy in December) and the teacher wanted me to take 3 of them and practice conversation. I recognized some faces in the class, I thought probably from seeing them around the school, but I didn't know any names.

These 3 students had been in England for 6 weeks in the spring doing a stage and living with host families. They are by no means fluent, but very nice and not afraid (anymore) to talk. We had a good time chatting about their time in England, movies, music etc... At the end of the hour one of the girls asked me if I remember her. I said, no but you look familiar.

Turns out when I was having all my trouble mailing presents home in December she was doing her stage at the post office and had been the one helping me!

It is a small world.

5 commentaires:

Mike a dit…

Nice Blog :)

Samantha a dit…

how much are you paying for your entire internet package? cuz we can't get cable or satellite in my building, so i've been thinking about getting internet tv, but wanadoo is just too expensive!

Karina a dit…

I'm degroupee so I don't pay France Telecom anymore. Its 30E for the internet, tv and phone. Not bad, cheaper than when I was paying 25E for Wanadoo plus 13E for the FT phone. Wanadoo is way pricey. So glad I've changed.

Natalie a dit…

i cant believe you wrote to get your grove thaang on baby.. i dont know you.

and whos alive and kicking in caen? certainly not me. can you say exposé in a day?

Samantha a dit…

hmmm....something to consider, i was looking at neuf before, but i keep hearing about probs w/the neufbox. what english channels do you have? (i'd like to get CNN)