dimanche, janvier 15, 2006

change of pace

This morning is for sure a change of routine. I woke up early (9am on a Sunday!) to get some work done before going swimming with a friend.
My usual morning routine (pretty much every day of the week) is:

-wake up (hit snooze once or twice)

-turn on the TV or radio

-pop in the shower

-check email while drinking my moka coffee and eating my yogurt & honey

However this morning as I'm going swimming I decided to nix the shower and it has thrown me all off! The tv is not on, nor is the radio and I can hear the pigeons cooing outside my window. But what surprised me is that it is not only the pigeons that I hear but some other random songbird as well. I don't know what it is, all I know is that it sounds exactly the same as those summer mornings I used to spend at my grandparent's house in Southern California.

It is amazing how a little thing as a bird's song can transport you back to your childhood, to a specific time, place and even feeling. The feeling of lying in bed with the covers thrown off as its already gotten too warm at 8am. Hearing people downstairs starting to mill about, the oranges from the backyard being freshly squeezed and the smell of bacon wafting all the way upstairs.

Maybe I should change my routine more often.

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we_love_tea a dit…

that sounds wonderful! I know what you mean...I love throwing my futon out on the balcony to make it warm. There's something so homegrown/homemade about that, definitely reminds me of growing up on a farm!

love ya,
from the tea-girl ;)