vendredi, septembre 09, 2011

pulling my hair out

I was a sub back in June for a couple of weeks. Then in the middle of the summer the Pole Emploi requested a copy of my pay stub. So I called the admin office - the phone rang and rang and rang. I finally went on the website (which happened to be updated!) too bad, they were closed for a month in the middle of the summer.

Then I started working in August and by the time they reopened the only times I remembered to call were either first thing in the morning before they opened, at lunch or in the evening. Had I remembered to call at any other time they probably would have been on their coffee break anyway....!

So today I call. "Oh, I'm sorry, this is the wrong service, you'll want to call this number.." Ok... I look at my colleague and say, this is going to be like that scene in the Auberge Espagnole...

I call the second number. "Oh, no, this isn't the right service, please call this number..."

Finally the third number. "Oh, we can't send you your pay stub without a written request." Me: Can I send an email? "Sure, here is our email address."

I send an email requesting that my pay stub be sent to my house asap. At the end of the day I get an answer: "Your pay stub has been sent to the school where you were subbing..." Umm.. notice the past tense? Yeah, thanks, I DON'T WORK THERE ANYMORE. Why on earth would you send a pay stub to a place where the person is no longer employed?? So I wrote back a rather terse email demanding that a copy be sent to my home de toute urgence. Honestly, I'm not going to drive 45 minutes to pick up a pay stub, it is the job of the administration to do that, god knows they don't do much else!

Last time I work for them!

.... rant over

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