mardi, septembre 20, 2011

fall garden

 I took these pictures 3 days ago as a little garden update more to chronicle how things are moving along rather than as a fascinating blog post for you readers! First up my one lone spaghetti squash seems to be doing great, it's huge! It stopped growing so I'm hoping it's going to start changing color soon.
 I had planted butternut squash in between the pumpkin plants - a mistake not to make next year! The pumpkins totally tookover and it is only now that the pumpkins are dying back (powdery mildew) that my butternut is escaping but it's too late in the season. The little dead butternut made me so sad!

 I planted some wax beans the beginning of August and they are doing well, lots of flowers and I'm hoping to get a fall harvest of beans! :)
 The corn stood up to a HUGE windstorm we had last week, the ears are looking good but are still really small, I hope they mature before October when we have a risk of frost...
The zucchinis are still producing a few and my baby basil is fluffy and cute, I might try to make a mini batch of pesto...

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