jeudi, septembre 22, 2011


I was chatting with my neighbor (who has left goodies such as potatoes, rhubarb, eggs etc on our doorstep and I leave cookies, apple jelly etc on hers) and it came up that she goes down to fetch milk from her friend's farm. She offered to get me a litre if I wanted.

Of course I jumped at the chance! Her friend has a non-registered organic farm but doesn't sell to individuals so even when I offered to pay she wouldn't let me.

As promised when we got home today I saw this little mini milk jug on our doorstep full of whole raw milk! Yum!

Thanks neighbor!

2 commentaires:

Amber a dit…

How cute is that? So what do you do with milk like that.. drink it? Cook with it??

MilkJam a dit…

You can drink it, cook it, use it like normal milk. You can buy raw milk in big supermarkets too. It's supposed to be good for you with healthy bacteria etc.