lundi, août 15, 2011

Garden update

 Yup, garden update. I ran around taking pictures of my garden to blog while Mystery Guest started up the BBQ! We had his family over for a good 'ol fashioned American BBQ for lunch. On the menu? Homemade burgers (this ain't no MacDo!), marinated chicken, potato salad (with purple potatoes!) and his mom brought over some salad and some carottes rapees. Unlike a French lunch there was no entree nor cheese course but we did start off with an apero before hitting the cheeseburgers and fixins! Of course for dessert I had to go a bit nuts with not only cookies but a big Red Velvet that always impresses people :) Yum.

So everything was yummy and we had a great time sitting outside enjoying the sun (which decided to show itself after a good week of rain around here - good timing!) and I gave a couple tours of my garden:
 Blueberries on the left, tomatoes in the middle and a combination of pumpkin, butternut and corn to the right.
 Monster pumpkin!
 Love the little tendrils that hook on to anything and everything!


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Wendy a dit…

Lovely! I wish I could grow pumpkins where I live but the temps are too hot.