dimanche, août 21, 2011

peach pie 2.0

I made peach pie this morning. The last time I made one was two years ago according to my blog!  We're invited to a friend's house for lunch and I wanted to take a dessert that wasn't too rich and chocolaty. I got some white peaches and even made my own crust this time around. I'll let you know how it tastes... I can't really cut a slice out before we go... although I'd love to!

3 commentaires:

Nadege a dit…

I looks beautiful! I really hope it was delicious too. The most important is to find a good crust recipe. On August 10, Dorie Greenspan wrote a great post on rolling out pie dough.

MilkJam a dit…

Thanks Nadège! It turned out really well :-) So well that they kept the extra slices...!

Thanks for the tip, rolling out pie crust isn't too bad but it's making sure it isn't overworked otherwise you end up with a really chewy crust which isn't very pleasant.

Amber a dit…

That looks amazing!