mardi, août 30, 2011

Baby corn!!!

You can feel that  summer is on its way out... the mornings are crisp and the wind has changed (yes, spoken like the true profound gardener! haha). This Summer was a big disappointment with Spring having the summerlike weather and too much rain in July and August... I'm hoping for Un bel été indien ...

In work news the woman I've been replacing is coming back to work September 13th so my contract which goes until September 10th most likely will not get renewed. That said she's coming back part-time so who knows what may happen. I'll have to wait to see with the director as well as HR. In the meantime I'm getting ready for some family fun in October. I'm so excited my little sister is coming to visit! She hasn't been here since I lived in Caen back in 2005 (pre-blog!!) I think it was... and I haven't seen her since I went to Australia! She's coming all the way over here for only a week so I'm planning things to do... hehe

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Jennie a dit…

Summer is on the way in for me! :)