jeudi, avril 07, 2011


Did I just time travel??? I was inside this afternoon cleaning the windows (how 1950's of me... ) when I heard a car pull halfway up our driveway. I assumed it was someone turning around since we live at the end of a dead-end road.

Then there was a knock at the door.

Now it really was a blast from the past! A traveling salesman! (Does anyone still do that??) He had a van full of cleaning products and wanted just "2 minutes of my time." After working customer service on the phone for the last 2 years and being rudely hung up on and given the fact that I really had nothing better to do I said ok. His products really were the new innovation, as I listened to his schpeel about how they were environmentally friendly, economic and sensitive to sensitive skin!

Oh là là là là...

I know he works on commission and I feel bad for him, it's hot outside driving around, being shot down by lovely housewives (and/or farmers with shotguns...) so I asked for a brochure to look over and of course "discuss with my husband" to see if I can spend my weekly allowance (haha!) But he was a nice guy, not pushy and gave me some samples to try as well as a brochure.

Who knows, maybe we will buy some but for now it was an exciting moment in my day. Lol!

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L a dit…

I had a door to door chair salesman knock at my apartment in Toulouse. My husband was home too, and we both were rather surprised to see a guy with a chair at the door!