samedi, avril 02, 2011

hehe poisson d'avril!

Gotcha good!!

I even got Ksam - she deleted her first comment but let me reprint it to make sure everyone can see:

"Whoa, that is crazy!! Do you have any kind of idea what list it was?

PS. I totally would've been in pyjamas btw."

But no, no visit from the gendarmes, no deportation for me (yet!) and no news on the status of my dossier.

I do have to say that I credit should go where it is due - it was all Mystery Guest's idea! Well his original list was to have me on a terrorist watch list but I thought that might just be a tad over the top. Bravo MG!

2 commentaires:

~meredith~ a dit…

I fell for it! Yhank goodness you are not on a "list" !

kylie a dit…

Having been at the house of someone when they did receive a "surprise" visit from the "authorities" (and on a Sunday morning!) I was not surprised to read your post, but I'm glad to learn that you are not really under suspicion! :)