mercredi, avril 06, 2011

fingers crossed

I called the Prefecture this morning to find out if there was any news on my naturalization... (I only called because when I was there in January the guy repeated like 50 million times, if you want any updates don't hesitate to call. Ok buddy if you say so!!)

So he said that the Prefet (locally) made his decision February 18th and then it was sent to the Ministiere (nationally) to be validated. He thinks I should be hearing sometime this month or in May. When I asked if it would be possible for him to tell me what decision the Prefet made he of course said no (which I totally understand since he cannot validate his own decision if I were to hear one thing from them and then the Ministiere who said something else...) but he did say that had it not been favorable I would have already heard (and in which case there is no reason to send it along to the Ministiere). He also said that they have not had a dossier favorable returned to them unvalidated.

So basically it looks like things are good to go, it's hard not to get my hopes up but everything is looking good so far!

Fingers crossed I'll find out soon (so I don't have a panic attack when I open up the official looking envelope I received the other day only to find out that my point I lost for speeding last year has been put back - gah I almost hyperventilated!)

3 commentaires:

Megan a dit…

good luck! How long has it been since you turned in your file?

MilkJam a dit…

I turned it in the beginning of July last year - the thing is that my Carte de Sejour expires the end of June and I'd really rather not pay 110E to renew it if it is just a matter of a few weeks!

Julie a dit…

P saw my naturalisation answer in the letter box and opened it for me 'cause he wanted to be prepared if he had to pick up the pieces if the answer had been no!