samedi, avril 23, 2011

april trip

We spent an amazing week in Lyon/Annecy! The weather was stunning, beautiful and sunny the whole time which was great since we just walked around, did some window shopping and enjoying the pedestrian-friendly center of Lyon. While in Lyon we stayed with my brother-in-law, who unfortunately was uber busy between work and doing his MBA on the weekends but we did manage to sneak in some time with him on Sunday with our traditional breakfast at Wallace and then a stroll around Lyon. He was kind enough to loan us his car (since we took the train down there) on Monday and it was off to Annecy! I had reserved a room at this fantastic chambre d'hotes, which even included 1 hour in the sauna/spa room! It warmed up while we were in Annecy and it was so nice to just drive to look out points, walk around the old town, get some ice cream (blueberry! my favorite!) and we even took a Pédalo out on the water... On the way back to Lyon we stopped by the gorges du fier which was spectacular!

All in all it was a great trip, I'm really glad we took the train. Normally we don't plan far enough in advance to get good prices so we end up driving. Let me tell you, 6 hours on a train (even with our delay on the way home) sure beats 9 hours in the car! Plus the TGV always feels like a special treat for me seeing as how we don't have one (yet) out this way!

I think Lyon is for sure my favorite city in France, it knocks the socks off of Paris that's for sure!

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kiwi in france a dit…

Looks lovely! I completely agree with you regarding Lyon - I can't get enough of it... absolutely love it!