lundi, juillet 20, 2009


A few years ago I wrote about my discovery of bagels in Picard and the weirdness of a store that only sells frozen foods. Well today Mystery Guest and I decided to stop by similar store (no Picard in our neck of the woods) to see if they had bagels and this amazing chocolate cake... Well no bagels but they did have a similar cake... it is currently defrosting and we're about to dig in while watching True Blood - can't wait!

Here is the weirdness of the store for you to get a visual image...
No bagels but pancakes! lol Cracks me up that someone would pay 3e for 8 little tiny pancakes (frozen of course) instead of spending 5 minutes to make them... but I guess those are the same people that buy Bisquick at home!

4 commentaires:

Emmy a dit…

and I'm asking myself 'was the store really THAT empty?' haha. It's no carrefour n'est-ce pas?!

Emmy a dit…

ps, thanks for the picasa help. It took me 10 minutes to find the button last night and then I wanted to hang my head in shame. If the button had started mocking me for my blindness I wouldn't have been surprised.

MilkJam a dit…

lol yeah that empty. funny story is that we got there at 14h33 (when it opens again after lunch at 14h30) and it was all locked up. 3 other ladies were there waiting in their cars and finally gave up after 10 minutes. we stuck aroudn for a bit longer listening to music when we decided to leave after 15 minutes. As we did we saw a car zoom into the parking lot and park around back, he turns to me and says "i bet that's the employee"... sure enough!
she was really nice and apologized like 20 times - but that does explain why it WAS so empty! haha

oh and very glad you found the button ;-) can't wait to see some pictures now!

Dedene a dit…

Was that a Gel 2000? Picard is always so much fun for goodies.
Try not to get addicted to the cake!