samedi, juillet 18, 2009

a morning walk in V-town

This morning as Mystery Guest headed out the door I took a look outside and the torrential rain from yesterday had finally stopped. There were a few rays of morning sunlight so I headed out to catch V-town as it is waking up on a Saturday morning. There are some really beautiful hidden areas of town. There's one street I wanted to photograph but I got turned around and couldn't seem to find it. I'll go back though, it's all on my front stoop :-)

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

I wish I had your eyes as you really seem to appreciate the little things in your town. I really should stop hating Amiens just long enough to take some nice photos. I'll be sure enough to post them up.

ps, another picasa question (oh master of picasa you) How do you write on the photo? I've looked, really I have, but I can't figure it out. Which button and where do I have to press?

MilkJam a dit…

i'd love to see some photos of Amiens! i've never been there before... i think sometimes if you think there's nothing pretty to see (V-town is nice but was pretty much destroyed during the war so isn't quite so picturesque...) try looking at details, a nice flower patch, a quirky french sign and then you start to see other things that are pretty, it's all about a nice little sunlight too! changes everything ;-)

for picasa it's really easy, once you've made a collage (or are looking at any photo, not in the library but individually where you can crop, straighten, retouch etc) there is a button on the left that has an "ABC" on it that allows you to add text and change things like the font, color, size and rotate it. It's pretty easy once you find it! ;-)