vendredi, juillet 10, 2009

in a pickle

Well not really but it's such a great expression ;-) I tried my homemade pickles at dinner today - pretty good if I do say so myself with a good tang to them. They stayed pretty crunchy too. I kept them in the fridge because I was afraid since I was reusing a jar (and seal) it wouldn't be a good idea to keep them in the pantry. The jar still had a nice pop when I opened it though ;-)

And that crunch sure was better than the crunch I experienced the other day... there were a few cookies leftover from 4th of July so Mystery Guest and I polished them off. As I was crunching through the chunks of chocolate I bit down on something hard. Ok this is really weird but this little round piece of metal was baked in my cookie! I showed it to Mystery Guest and he said that he realized it was those little spots on a knife handle that cover up the screws (does that make sense?) sure enough afterwards the big knife I used to chop up the chocolate was missing one... and the stupid thing chipped my molar!! Dangerous cookies....

And I know (since I'm doing a big 'ole update...) that you're all waited with baited breath about the job hunt... I had an interview at a bank for an English speaking position. That might turn into something. The interview went very well, they're basically looking to expand their team sometime in Septemberish and want people on hand to start right away once the higher ups give the ok on the expansion. As a back up I'm still applying for jobs left and right and am going to send my CV to the Rectorat the end of Aug for subbing positions if all else fails.

In the meantime we're jetting off for part of this long holiday weekend to Etretat to visit some friends and meet their new son for his 2 month birthday!

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au soleil levant a dit…

Good luck with the bank thing! Glad the pickles turned out well.