samedi, juillet 11, 2009

Public Enemies

Tonight we went out for some sushi and to go see Public Enemies. The sushi was excellent and the movie was well.. ok. The sound in the theatre was too low and it's never good to strain to hear a movie that and the filming was really weird. Half the time it felt like a documentary... with a slapstick editing job. Both of us felt the time drag on which is never a good sign. I did leave for a minute to ask the guy to turn up the volume but it didn't seem to change much.
That said maybe if you had a better sound system (by the way the soundtrack was excellent! I love Billie Holiday!) you might enjoy the movie a little more...
We also decided to go out to celebrate the official purchase of the land that will soon have a house on it! Mystery Guest signed all the papers and is now fully in debt but is now the proud owner of a huge chunk of land. My offer still stands for anyone wanting to show a little muscle and come help us out the beginning of August... any takers?? :-)

3 commentaires:

Crystal a dit…

hehe I'll tell Max not to bother going to see that movie then...he's been talking about it, but maybe we'll wait and rent it on dvd.

Congrats again on the house/land building's so exciting!

Anonyme a dit…

Congratulations on the land! You must be excited.
Thanks for the review of the movie, I'll wait until it's on TV.

Anonyme a dit…

We were thinking about going to see that film too... well British Boy wanted to and I won the debate and we saw Ice Age 3 in 3D. Good to know what you think of it, might tell him not to bother until it comes out on DVD.

can't wait to see/hear about the progress of the house!!