samedi, juillet 29, 2006

bagle time!

Now that I own a real freezer that can keep things frozen (yes! A miracle! Even ice cubes!) I ventured out in search of bagels after hearing from other ex-pats that they exist in the frozen variety at Picard. After a sweaty ride up a nice long hill (it was already 26C and humid at 10:00am according to the little city bulletin boards) I entered a frozen paradise, nice and refreshing after the ickyness outside.

I had never been in a Picard although I had often seen them from buses or from a car. It is a weird experience to walk into a store that only has cases of frozen items. It is so hospital-like and sterile.

But at the same time soooooo good!

I found what I was looking for 4 petit pains americains (bagels) for 2.30 euros! Not too shabby! They’ve got all sorts of everything frozen! I didn’t know you could freeze all those kind of things (corn on the cob, soup, filet mignon, sushi?!?) and for pretty reasonable prices. Some things were a bit of a stretch for me but maybe I’ll try them in the future… for the time being there was some raspberry sorbet on sale so I thought I’d try that as a nice summer treat.

2 commentaires:

kim a dit…

I must admit, those frozen Picard bagels are mighty good. I knew I wouldn't be disappointed when it had that square plastic with a notch cut out of it type of closure. They actually import them, apparently (if you read the packaging, I think they come from NY or something). Other things I buy at picard: pizzas and frozen fruit. The fruit makes excellent smoothies in our blender (just add juice and swirl... since they're frozen you don't even have to add ice cubes!). But I've heard everything is good, I just haven't tried it all yet.

Samantha a dit…

I really only buy bagels and frozen veggies from the frozen diced onions, so much easier than cutting them myself. Everything else seems kinda expensive to me.