dimanche, juillet 23, 2006

to bed or not to bed?

That is the question... :-)

When I moved into my new pad the only thing lacking furniture-wise was a bed. My old place had a loft built in and all that was needed was a matress. So I do have that.

But I think I want a bed. A real bed to get rid of the junkie/student appartment look. To store stuff under. To not sleep ontop of dust. To not have a cold winter draft...

The stores here trick you however! When I went price shopping when the tag said "lit" (bed) for only 59E it was not including the "sommier"(over 100E!!) So you could take home a nice big empty frame with nothing to hold up your matress!

Turns out in France they do things a bit different, there are no boxsprings, only this kind of wooden framing that you place inside your bed-frame. Different.

So as I've priced it so far, my cheapest option would run me about 180E without the price of delivery (don't know anyone around here with a truck! haha). Anyone out there seen anything cheaper?

2 commentaires:

LeeAnn a dit…

I wonder if you could order the mega-cheapie one online from Ikea and have it sent to you. I mean, they're all in boxes and you have to set it up anyway, so it's the same product as buying it in the store. I've seen the 60-euro one at a friend's house and it looks nice -- it weighs 20 kilos which is something like 15 euros via Colissimo (I know 'cause I ship books online all day...)


Karina a dit…

there dosnt seem to be the sommier with it though... a bed with a hole in it dosnt sound as good... ;)