mercredi, janvier 28, 2009

poule? poole?

I have a favor to ask you (5) readers out there... Mystery Guest and I are thinking of taking a couple days holiday (yes, I'm getting in the British spirit!) to England! I have never taken the ferry over in all the years I've been in Normandy, it's too expensive over there! But now that the pound has taken a hit it's the time to go!

We're thinking of going to Poole and then doing a road trip in search of King Arthur and Merlin! (Slightly reminiscent of our Brittany Trip) We were thinking of going to Glastonbury and that are, there's supposed to be lots of Stonehenge type thingies over there!)

My question to you, loyal readers, is how to go about getting cheap accommodation? Having never traveled in the UK before (except staying with friends) I've no idea how to go about looking for places. Ideally nothing more than 50pounds a night, b&bs are always cute and fun but we're ok with a chain motel type thing too. I'd rather spend money on doing stuff than a place to stay.

Anyway any help is very much appreciated!!!

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Eileen a dit…

Oo a minibreak! Have you considered couchsurfing? I'm not sure you'd find people everywhere if you go to little towns, but it's worth consideration. But I've never tried it as a couple. Also, Glastonbury is cute. You should go to the Bishop's Palace at Wells if you're looking for pretty gardens... it's really beautiful, or I thought it was, but then I was there in July, probably flowers hide in England in February.

Megan a dit…

have fun! I lived in ENgland for six months, studying. My parents came over to visit, and we toured around. b&Bs are pretty easy to find and cheap.

Anonyme a dit…

you need to think how to get to stonehenge as it's in the middle of nowhere. There are guided trips that depart from Bath. I would recommend you see Bath if you get the chance. Such a beautiful town.

Couchsurfing might work, try the YMCA or youth hostels too. They often have private double bedrooms as well as the usual dorms. We did that when I showed my Frenchie some places in England. Have fun!

Emily a dit…

Hey, there are these really new type of hotels called etap. They are super cheap. If not Youth hostels and B and Bs are the cheapest option.
Emily x

Milk Jam a dit…

thanks for the help ladies!

@emmy we're driving over so we'll have a car. bath and stonehenge are both on the list :-) lots to see!

we're gonna verify the dates today and then buy some tickets! :-) yea!!