mercredi, janvier 28, 2009

joey does not share food!

The other day I was listening to the K&K podcast and the girls started talking about sharing food at the table - how it just isn't done in France like it is in the States ("Can I have a bite of this or that?"). I don't grab people's food off their plates but I do like asking to try something especially if I'm in a restaurant and the other person has ordered something different.

This whole idea reminded me of a hilarious situation a few months ago when my friend Cassa came to visit back in September. We did some touristy things but the highlight was going out to Saint Vaast to check out the port town and for Cassa to try some fresh local oysters. We went into a fairly nice restaurant and I got moule-frites and Cassa got oysters on the haf-shell. As we were catching up we noticed a very lively group sitting at the table next to us. At the end of the meal I couldn't eat 1 more bite of frite or mussel and the guy asked me if they were good since I hadn't finished. I said yes and joking asked if he wanted to try mine, to my shock he leaned over and scooped up half of my plate of fries!

Now that's a first!

Oh, and Katia, this is for you:

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kylie a dit…

that commercial totally made my day. :D

Milk Jam a dit…

hehe isn't i great? :-) i love the owl's voice!

Megan a dit…

That's really strange (about the fries). If a stranger offered to let me try, I would maybe take a few or else just say thanks but no thanks.

Katia a dit…

it's so OLD SCHOOL! i wasn't expecting that. hehehehe.
ps. i saw ou post the link to this at work but i can't watch videos at work and totally forgot about it until tonight - it's hilarious!

Leah a dit… it sad that I knew that ENTIRE commercial by heart?