vendredi, janvier 16, 2009

i haven't aged a day in 10 years... riiiight!

MilkJam age 17
I got my passport back today, the mailman came yesterday while I was at work so I guess technically I got the package yesterday. So that makes it 1 week to the day that I sent it out. Considering that there was the postage time in between V-town and Paris (granted it was Chronopost but that doesn't travel instantaneously either!) and then the Saturday/Sunday I will have to say that those Embassy people are seriously speedy!!!

It's amazing how used you get to administration moving at the pace, of well, an escargot in France and it is shocking when things are just so speedy!

I give you my new passport, shiny and stamp free (for now!). It is a god awful picture so I might take it down soon.. yikes!

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The Duchess a dit…

That was pretty speedy! Aren't the new passports pretty swish? I just got my 6 year old daughter's renewed, and when we went to the UK for Christmas, the immigration people were all having a good look at it, saying how fancy it was. lol

Ksam a dit…

I told you it was speedy!! But then again, it is Americans doing it, and not Frenchies.... lol

Megan a dit…

Nice picture.
No really, I think it looks nice. Much better than mine.

Milk Jam a dit…

so so speedy! you were right sam! still thinking about heading over to the UK during Feb break - looks like MG might have a week off so we could go for a couple days, take advantage of the low pound! (and the ferry that leaves only 15 min from our house!)
@megan thanks! i would hardly be able to recognize myself and it sucks not being able to smile but oh well it's just my face for the next 10 years right? ;-)

Princesse Ecossaise a dit…

You were an adorable 17 year old! I always have to laugh when I hand over my passport and watch the airport official's face scrunch up in confusion as they try to decipher if the photo of the 16 year old me is in fact me.

Leah a dit…

Wow...10 days, that is quick! And I don't think you look bad at all, considering we're not allowed to smile and all that jazz.