jeudi, juin 05, 2008

welcome to the sticks

CNN is doing a week-long report called "Eye on France" and there is a funny interview with Danny Boon on his film Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis.

His English is quite good and he is really funny - I love the part where he jokes around about being a porn star because its the only thing that he hasn't done yet!

Anyway the clip is interesting because he sold the rights to the film to Will Smith who is going to make an American remake - Welcome to the Sticks.

I'm curious to see where that will go...

2 commentaires:

Jennie a dit…

I knew Hollywood would want to do a remake of it! I'm wondering if they will do a north to south thing since we yankees like to make fun of southern accents, or if it'll just be moving to a small town in the middle of nowhere thing (city vs. country).

Vivi a dit…

Thanks for this link! I do love that movie so, I hope they do it justice!

I can only imagine it will be North/South, because down South we ain't got no class nor any intelig _ intelij- SMARTS!! ;)