vendredi, juin 06, 2008


*Now more updates below!! fun times to be had by all!!

Now I'm not one to talk about work much on a blog but this is too good... I'm doing oral exams for all of my students and it is exhausting but there are some real gems in there, especially concerning different mistakes in English.

I'm not trying to make fun of them, considering all the mistakes I've made in French (haha lets not go to specifics people!) but there are some really funny ones. Some are just using a French word in English which makes the sentence sound funny:

*Society (they mean company)
*Enterprise (again company but everytime I hear it I see a little Starship Enterprise zooming past.. yes Captain!)
*Chief (the boss, but I see the stereotypical Indian chief dancing around in my head)
*I'm cherching for a job (I'm looking for a job)

Then there are some pronunciation mistakes:
*"K"now (you'd think after all these years of English they'd learn that the K is silent...)
*July (they always pronounce it You-lee)
*Blackpeppers (instead of Backpackers - it was in a text we were looking at)
*A job is a party of life (instead of a part, but hey I'd love to have a job where it is a party everyday!)

and then my favorite... I have no idea where this came from but a male student told me:
*It's better to have children when I'm not a younger woman (I agree!)

Those are the top ones, I've still got all day today and tomorrow so if I come up with some more of these I'll be sure to throw them up! And maybe I'll put up my favorite mistakes that I've made in French... maybe...

** this just in, did you know that:
"A generation ago there was no fly machine or car"

*Her friends who made the choice to live regret it (I think, and hope, they meant leave...)

or the German sentence of:
*She can higher job in his career have (riiiiiight....)

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kim a dit…

I got "at company's breast" recently (au sein de l'entreprise). Very risqué ;)