mardi, juin 03, 2008


I've been a bit out of the bloggosphere with all sorts of things happening, but all is looking good. The job hunt is going well, have an interview tomorrow and the appartment hunt is also looking good :-)

This week I'm stuck at work (my last week! yippee!) doing oral exams for 250 students. It's going ok so far but its tiring, I'm here from 9 to 5 at the earliest with only a half an hour lunch break. Its hard to keep your concentration and make sure with something as subjective as an oral exam you keep things fair and not let your fatigue get reflected in their grade.. Plus there has been a huge wind and rainstorm all week and since the heat is cut for the summer and there is no direct light it is frickin freezing in here! I even have an extra sweater! So I'm making tea all the time trying to stay warm.

So I've got a few more hours today and then the rest of the week but come Friday I'll be free!!! yeah... right, lets try I'll be busy moving, practicing the code so I can get a French license and of course my memoire... gahh!

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