samedi, juin 28, 2008


Yuck yuck!!

I haven't seen pothead for a couple days now, I've been busy packing and going up to V-town to sign the lease among other things. I don't know if he's been around or not... I think he's been in and out.

Today I was packing more stuff up in the kitchen and the old banana smell was really starting to get to me. I opened up the cupboard and the bananas were unrecognizable!!! I kid you not!!! One big black mass of juice-leaking bananas... YUCK! I couldn't handle it anymore, I chucked 'em* and sopped up the rotten banana juice left on the shelf.

I never wanted to do his dishes or clean up after him so he wouldn't get the idea that cause he lives with girls he wouldn't do anything, but this was too much! Plus the beau-parents are coming over for lunch and to take a few boxes since they're in town today and it was just too icky and stinky to leave there. I would have been so embarrassed even if it isn't my mess...

*actually I really did, my gag reflex kicked in and I couldn't even handle it so I threw it out the window... honestly I can't believe I just did that but YUCK! double YUCK!

2 commentaires:

Leesa a dit…

YUCK!!! Hey there.. I wanted to just invite you out our way, if you are able to make it.. to the picnic I've organized for this coming Saturday.. I don't know how far of a drive it is for you but I wanted to extend a personal invitation, if you are able to make it.. It would be great.. Please feel free to invite anyone you'd like... Take care, Leesa

Le Tigre in France a dit…

Gross! I can relate to the disgusting housemates with rotten food...blerh.