vendredi, mai 25, 2007

when it rains... pours!
I went to the bank today with a friend of mine to help with him with his account and wanted to add me to his account so I could help with transfers over the summer when he goes home to the States.
So we walk up to the desk and he explains to the guy that he wants to add me to his account and the guy asks for my ID. When I hand it over he fills out a form. I leaned over when I noticed that he filled out my birthday as 29/06/2007 (the day my ID expires).
I couldn't help but point out that, it is in fact not my birthday, I am not negative years.
So I said, actually my birthday is Oct 27, 1981.
And I see him write down Oct 25, 1981.
So I politely correct him but he ignores me. Then just before leaving he said, Ok just to verify the information and repeats all that he's written on the form. When he gets to my birthday I said, actually it is the 27th, not the 25th. And he replies, right, the 25th, ok.
Shaking my head I said, sure, fine. I swear.... :-)

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