mardi, mai 15, 2007

thesis writin'

Last year I signed up for my first year of Masters (M1) in English Lit here at the university. But between all the classes, homework and then working 2 jobs at 3 schools I managed to pass the classes but never wrote my thesis to pass the year.

So this year I signed up for M1 again, but this time no classes (since I already passed them) just my thesis to write. It took me so long to actually find a topic and a direction to head in, but now I've found it, I have my outline written out and the main part of my introduction written out. I have tons of ideas and things to say but having a hard time organizing my thoughts in a coherent manner so I'm reading and re-reading all my research.

My topic is on a contemporary American poet and her works and as I was leafing through one of her books of poetry something struck me. This not-well-known-outside-of-certain-circles author had published this book in my small and remote hometown (pop. 8,000) in Washington State! I never even knew we had a publishing company at home!

I took this as fate, I am meant to write about this! Now, enough procrastinating, gotta get back to work!

2 commentaires:

Brittany a dit…

Copper Canyon Press is awesome.

cara a dit…

that's funny...i thought i recognized the town in the picture.