vendredi, mai 11, 2007


The last few weeks I've felt that I've got some creative needs that need to be met! I used to do a lot more artwork, and crafty projects back in the day (was almost an Art Major in college!)

I bought a glass engraver a few years ago, its a great little tool that has paid for itself several times over. Its a little hard to get used to using because on glass it tends to skip and once you engrave glass you can't erase!

Friends of Mystery Guest is having their baby baptized in a few weeks and I thought it might be a nice gift. I always take pictures of my handmade gifts and am always tempted to post them but knowing that a lot of those people would read my blog I can't! But this time, ha ha, I can! So what do you think?

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Emily C a dit…

From one almost art major to another! its really engraving is really difficult so I'm jealous!