jeudi, mai 24, 2007

I went to the pharmacy yesterday because I have these weird red spots in an isolated patch on my shoulder, almost like 10 million spiders bit me or a random cluster of zits or something. Anyway not to get into too much icky detail I just never have skin problems like that so I thought I'd stop by a pharmacy and see what they thought. In the middle of the conversation I was instantly reminded of these recent conversations of Sam and Frog with a Blog. It went something like this:

Me: Hi, I just had a question for you. See I have these weird red bumps on my shoulder. (I show them).

Pharmacy Lady: Oh, yes that does look weird.

Me: I just never have skin problems and I couldn't figure out what it might be so I thought I'd see if you had a cream or something.

Pharmacy Lady: Well it must be insect bites because it itches.

Me: Um, actually it doesn't itch.

Pharmacy Lady: No, it does itch I can tell. Plus you've scrached it.

Me: No, not that I remember, I've had insect bites before that itched and this doesn't itch.

Pharmacy Lady: No, its a bug bite and it itches. I'll give you a cream to take care of the itch.

Me: It doesn't itch.

Pharmacy Lady: Ok, take this cream and put it on 3 times a day, it will take care of the itch.

Me under my breath: But it doesn't itch.

Pharmacy Lady: Ok, that will be 5E.

I caved, she was so convinced that I have a gazillion bug bites in an area the size of a silver dollar that I paid the 5 euros and hoped the cream would work. I can tell you now that with the cream, I still don't itch, surprise surprise.

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Samantha a dit…

LOL, that was too funny. And is this a great country, or what?

Racheal a dit…

Love your blog.

My daughter had an area of little spots on her shoulder and thought it was spider bites.
We went to the doctors and it turned out to be shingles, they call it Zona here in France.
Just a thought.

Racheal x

Cassandra a dit…

Well, I hope you don't have shingles! But that WAS a pretty funny conversation...