lundi, juillet 25, 2011

decoration help please!

 Ok faithful listeners we are in need of some decoration help! I've been painting all weekend and it's looking great but for some time we're stuck on how to decorate - specifically window treatment. We've got 2 big sliding glass doors facing south that we'd like to add a little something to but not block the view.
(Please ignore the mess, I just took a quick picture!) The thing is that basically all of the windows in the house have volet roulant which are fantastic metal blinds that are outside and you can roll down either by hand on the smaller windows or electrically on the big doors. They block out light really well and help keep the house warm during the winter nights.

The problem is that it was much cheaper to put the coffre inside instead of outside. From the outside it looks much nicer but on the inside it poses a huge problem for curtains/window treatments! These things are big and while they don't bother me to have them visible would it look weird to put curtains etc under them?

We don't need to block out the whole windows, something sheer or just on the side etc. I like having huge windows to look through and we don't have a lot of people driving/walking past our house (we're down at the end of a dead end). If we do want total privacy we can always drop down the blinds anyway. I'm really looking for something just to give it a bit of decoration more than anything else. I really like the Japanese panels but again it's how to go attaching them, around the coffre? under? above?

Does anyone else have this problem? How did you fix it?

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Albert a dit…

ahha beautiful house!

Anonyme a dit…

Where exactly do the blinds come out of the coffre? On the bottom at the inner side towards the living room, in the middle, or closer to the window? If they come out of the inner side or the middle, and there's room, I'd put the rod for the Japanese panels on the bottom of the coffre but close to the windows. The top of the panels would be bent at 90° but they wouldn't really be visible if the rods were very small.

If you were to hang them from the ceiling in front of the coffre, they'd take up a lot of room in your living spaces.
Do you see what I mean? Hope you figure something out.

Amber a dit…

I'd hook them under the box. I feel like i've seen that done before and it doesn't look too weird.

L a dit…

You could drill to the left and right of the windows and put up a regular curtain rod with sheer curtains. You can get pretty nice curtain rods in wood or metal, and with either classic ends (a knob, a hook) or more creative, like leaves or a flower motif.

MilkJam a dit…

Thanks ladies!! I'm glad to hear that it won't look weird to put the curtain rods under the box.
Dedene: the blinds come out of the box on the outside, not inside so that's not an issue.
I'll keep you updated on what we decide to do! :)