dimanche, août 16, 2009

another house update

We've been pounding away! Mystery Guest has 2 weeks of vacation so we've been trying to maximize the time - busy! The reason we've really got to get on it is that the roofer comes mid-September so the 2nd floor has to be ready for him by then! Eeeps! But we're coming along, the frame for the first floor is almost done, including the beams that will support the second floor. We're starting to cut the plywood pieces that wrap around the outside (and really make it look like a house!) but now have to get going on the second floor so it will be prepped. After the roof is on at least it will be waterproof on the inside and we can start with things (like insulation) that are not waterproof...

In other news I got a job offer!!!! A couple days ago I got a job offer where I had an interview a month ago starting September 1st. It's just a temporary contract (6-months) for now but with a possibility of extending that contract or getting a full time job (fingers crossed!) Never thought I'd work at a bank, this will be my first job with office hours! But it will be an interesting change, something new and at least I won't have any classes to prepare when I get home or on the weekends!

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Anonyme a dit…
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Anonyme a dit…

The house is looking GREAT!!! The Crew has done an amazing amount of work in 2 weeks! What happens the other worker bees when Mystery Guest goes back to work?

BTW congrats, again, on the job : )

Anonyme a dit…

The house looks fantastic! Its amazing how fast it's gone up.

Congrats on the job!! great news.

Emily Marie a dit…

I can not believe you are building a house! It looks great!