lundi, août 10, 2009

learning curve.... er rather straight

On this house project I'm the gopher, I hold posts in place and get tools for the boys suspended on ladders. Biiiig learning curve for this MilkJam - don't know what these tools are in English much less in French! Now I can go fetch des pieds de biche and fils a plomb with the best of 'em! (and use Wikipedia in French to find the English translations... )

FIL used to be in the construction business back in the day and his tools may have seen better days but they still cut it. We have the straightest wooden poles you could ask for!

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au soleil levant a dit…

I am always so impressed by the number of Frenchies who do everything for their houses - fix the stone exteriors, lay new parquet flooring, redo the bathroom.... I don't know anyone in the US who does stuff like that! We'd all call the handyman! One of my coworkers is doing almost the same as you guys, they are making a house out of an old stone barn. Kudos to you and good luck learning all the construction lingo.