dimanche, décembre 28, 2008

Noel 2008

Christmas this year was so fun! Plus we were lucky to have beautiful (if not cold!) weather the whole time. On the 24th Mystery Guest managed to get off work early and we scooted out to his parent's house for a Christmas Eve dinner with his parents and brother/girlfriend who came in from Lyon.

His mom made a delirrrisious buche de noel with chocolate mousse and pear filling!

The next day we got up and Santa left lots of goodies next to our shoes under the tree!
We opened presents and took some Christmas day pictures before the middle brother and his wife came in. We had a yummy Christmas day dinner and, well, no Christmas is complete without an American apple pie!
It was my first attempt at an apple pie and I was really afraid that it would be overcooked and basically baked applesauce but as you might have seen in my telegram post it was a big hit! I wouldn't wanted to have shamed my country! ;-)

Since Christmas things have been calm, a lot of hanging around the house and relaxing. The other night we went out bowling in Cherbourg which was such a laugh! I haven't been bowling in at least 6 years I think! (Except for the Wii, but I don't think that counts...)

Anyway it was a fantastic Christmas! This little MilkJam was spoiled with all the presents! Thanks everyone!!!

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