mercredi, décembre 24, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008!

Merry Christmas everyone! I'm finishing the final gift-wrapping, apple pie baking and Christmas fun today. We're off tonight to the belle-famille to celebrate (usually Christmas is celebrated more on Christmas Eve than Day in France). I'll try to post some pictures from there :-)

Here is my 2008 xmas card with some snapshots from the places I was fortunate enough to travel to this year, from upper right:

Venice, Switzerland, la Manche, Venice
Australia, Carcassonne, Montpellier, Australia
Switzerland, Paris, Australia and Venice.

2 commentaires:

Leesa a dit…

WOW!!! When did you go over to Oz? Very cool!! Love the collage!!! Great travels!!!

Milk Jam a dit…

I was in Oz for Christmas 2007! My little sister moved down there, it was amazing! Thinking back, right about now this time last year we were feasting on fresh lobsters for New Years... YUM!