mardi, décembre 30, 2008

new kitchen fun!

My belle-mere gave me a yogurt maker (much like this one) for Christmas this year. It's something I've been wanting to try for a while now and last night I made my first batch!

To start off simple I just made plain yogurt, I took 1 pot of plain yogurt (the brassé that we always buy) and mixed it with 1 liter of UHT milk. I ladled that into the 7 little glass jars and set the timer to "cook" overnight. This morning they were all warm and I put the little lids on and stuck them in the fridge where they are supposed to set for at least an hour before eating.

Curious about my little science experiment, Mystery Guest and I each tried one for our dessert after lunch - the verdict? Not bad! Not bad at all! I always have a little yogurt after lunch and dinner, usually mixed in with a little sugar but this wasn't sour or tart at all. The consistency was a little bit different but not enough be too noticeable, I heard you can thicken it with powdered milk but I'm fine with the way it turned out.

With the 4 empty jars after today I'm trying a little vanilla experiment, the same recipe but with some sucre vanillé (fait maison but of couuurse!) so we'll see how those turn out after lunch tomorrow.

The best thing is that its so easy to do, saves on packaging (won't have 50 million little pots to throw away anymore..!) and I'll have to do the math but I bet it will save some money too.

Can't wait to try more flavors!!

5 commentaires:

our Juicy life a dit…

so you buy regular yougart right? and then add milk to it and make it again?

benny a dit…

perfect little housewife, are you ?!?

anyway, i'm not really keen on yahourt, but it's true that are gonna save money, and help the environment ! :-)
Happy new year !

Milk Jam a dit…

@ our juicy life: yup i bought regular yogurt (you just need to make sure it has live cultures, but I think they all do in France.)

@ ben: you bet i'm the perfect housewife! lol i put on my little apron and slave away all day... oh poor me...
you don't like yogurt??? are you sure you're french? lol its delish!

happy new year!!!

La Niortaise a dit…

How's the yoghurt making going? I've been thinking about requesting one of these for my birthday. How did the vanilla turn out?

Milk Jam a dit…

yogurt making is going great!!! the first vanilla batch was yummy but not very strong (was using sucre vanille that i made - a vanilla pod in a jar of sugar) so last night with vanilla batch #2 i decided to kick it up a notch with some vanilla extract.
the yogurt didn't set, it was all liquidy this morning. turns out (reading on forums etc) that most vanilla extracts contain alcohol which kills the yogurt bacteria and prevents it from setting. so either stir it in afterwards or use a non alcohol based one (or 2 packs of sucre vanille instead of 1?)

but i love the plain one! its not tart at all :-)