mercredi, décembre 31, 2008

happy new year!

Bonne Année et Bonne Santé!!

Happy New Year's Eve everyone! I can't believe that we'll be ringing in 2009 in six hours! What a year it's been... This time last year I was having a quiet New Years with the family, sitting outside digging in to a huge lobster on Kangaroo Island... yum! Unlike Christmas, if I don't have major plans for New Year's it doesn't bother me, especially since I think I might be coming down with something :-(

This year things will be different, 1 extra second, no 35C weather, more like -35C lol, no no but it is cold out there! Between the busy fall and then all the weather problems especially in the US I'm so happy to not have gone anywhere far away during this vacation! Just staying at home is perfectly fine with me! Plus our home is so cozy it makes it hard to leave!

At the last minute (as in last night) Mystery Guest and I thought about going out to one of the two awesome creperies near town, but they're both closed tonight. So when we did some grocery shopping at lunch I asked if he wanted anything special for dinner.

His request?


So we're having pancakes & bacon.

Don't worry, I've got some poiré chilling in the fridge for a true americo-norman dinner :-)

ps. what do you guys think of the new layout??

2 commentaires:

benny a dit…

Brinner ?!?
I love the concept !

We use to have gouter-dinner at my parents when I was younger... loved it !

and now, I realised I really miss home :-(

Milk Jam a dit…

hehe its like Brunch but for dinner ;-) we used to have that as kids too - whenever mom didn't want to cook! lol

i can teach you how to make pancakes if you want!!! come visit!