vendredi, avril 11, 2008

spring pics

Spring has sprung the last couple days, ever since the snow went away. It feels so nice to have the sun toasting your shoulders and hear the birds chirping away... I walked around town to take a few pictures. The first one is of the back of the chateau de Caen where they have been restoring the ramparts.
Yesterday on the news it was fun to see the weather report, usually the country is divided in half, the top grey and rainy (according to the news!) and the south sunny, but today the north was bright and sunny and the south was nothing but thunderstorms! haha take that! :-)Wednesday evening some friends invited Mystery Guest and I out to the countryside. They are housesitting this beautiful old farm for a month while their friends are in Australia. Before dinner we walked around the property, met 2 of the 7 horses, all of the dogs and cats. Apparently their friends bought the property in 2001 when it was mostly in ruins and half of the house was hidden by the weeds, but now it is beautiful, all restored with that creamy white pierre de Caen.
They also added some cool things, in the barn there is an old cider press that still works but they added a table in the middle and benches around the trough so they can seat 15 people around 1 round table, too cool!! Plus these friends left some bottles of wine aside so we had some yummy bordeaux with our chili dinner and homemade cookies! That and a rousing game of Catan made for a great evening! Thanks guys ;-)

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backinthegroove a dit…

Sounds very cool, and I'm jealous that you have a social btw I tagged you!